Are you waiting to see your measurement data?

PointSCAN’s expertise comes from capturing quality visual imagery and measurement data and presenting it in a digital format data that can be easily shared and utilised in multiple software formats.


Optimise 3D digital imagery to view your project, sharing and presenting site layouts for project meetings and presentations.


Produce accurate CAD models and fabrication drawings directly from 3D scan data.


Capture retrospective building information to create verified interactive models.


3D laser scanning can be captured during construction without disruption to provide up-to-date progress reporting and as-built verification.

3D Topography

3D laser surveys acquire accurate measurements of natural and artificial site features which can be easily referenced to local or Global Positioning Systems (GPS) surveys.

Measured Building

Plans and elevations can easily be converted from 3D point cloud data.

Film & Media

Computer-generated imagery (CGI)  in modern film and gaming production is replacing traditional special effects with digital visual effects. It allows for rooms, buildings, cities or entire planets to be created within the studio setting reducing production time and costs.

Heritage & Restoration

Accurate measurements of buildings and structures produce digital condition surveys and allow for
re-constructive models to be produced.


Identify differences between what has been designed and as-built, and verify with a point cloud overlay.


Quickly and accurately collect and record evidence from scenes following an incident, 3D laser scans  minimise any disruption and return the area back to its original in a shorter period of time.

Whatever your requirement for on-site measurement data or 3D images let PointSCAN provide you with an innovative cost-effective solution.

Our Clients

Just some of the leading brands that have benefited from our 3D laser scanning services.