Arboricultural Surveys

Registering arboricultural measurement data.

PointSCAN works with arboriculture consultants, architects and planning developers to provide accurate 3D tree surveys compatible with BS5837.  With data acquired using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, enhanced topographical information focuses on detailing specified trees through to complete woodlands.  

All about the trees

3D laser surveys assist consultants and planners by applying the actual trees from a site directly into the plan and elevation drawings and models.

3D point clouds contain survey data capable of being viewed in multiple formats including full scale virtual reality

Available in grey scale or in full colour, point clouds offer a quick assessment of the registered data which can be easily viewed and incorporated in designs and presentations in both 2D & 3D formats.

3D tree survey

Point Clouds for reference

Compatible with BS5837

3D tree survey

Individual trees can be surveyed for accurate measurement information.

With a 3D laser scanner, multiple trees can be captured in a single scan.

arboricultural tree survey
Topographic point cloud for tree survey

Tree Survey Plan

Using GNSS / GPS technology all of our arboriculture surveys provide a geo-referenced site plan identifying tree positioning to the National OS grid system.

Tree Schedule

3D tree schedules can be used in various programmes, targeting trees with specific measurements.

GPS location for tree survey

Virtual Constraint Plan

With all digital survey information virtual felling or pruning of trees provides valuable insights into crown spread and shade areas before physical works are completed. 

Animated growth potential can show changes in tree characteristics over multiple years and how they will impact on any development.

tree surveys

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