A PointSCAN 3D BIM survey acquires data to compile an accurate digital blueprint of a buildings structure along with mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services.  Allowing all parties, easy access to accurately identify specific items within the make-up of a building that are required from the initial design, construction through to occupation and management.

PointSCAN work with Architects, designers, contractors and suppliers for building management, maintenance and refurbishment projects across the country.  All of whom benefit from accurate SMART BIM information increasing design efficiencies and avoid costly design changes during any such delivery phase.

Once verified data acquired from a 3D Laser Scanning survey can be owned by the building custodian. Information that accurately captures a buildings environment, the BIM data acts as a controlled reference for any future works. A single BIM plan can now be distributed with suppliers and contractors to reduce the number of surveys required. Therefore minimising any errors and misinterpretation of specifications and ultimately reducing timescales and costs. 

Clash Detection

The need for early identification of potential clashes between structures and services alike not only improves confidence in a design but can save considerable financial cost and delay a project while changes are implimented.  

Engineering detail captured by PointSCAN BIM 3D laser survey

3D laser surveys accurately capture all aspects of a buildings structure and services and present them in a way that can be viewed and interrogated.  

Simplifying the process for designers to create new service layouts by incorporating their design within the 3D point cloud to prevent clashes without any additional modelling.

BIM Survey
Lidar Image
Camera Image
No longer in the dark

With a 3D laser scanner generating its own light source MEP information can be quickly and easily from above suspended ceiling and voids and lift shafts with the minimum of disruption.  

Intelligent modelling

Combining SMART 3D models and HD imagery with a PDMS database.  Access detailed plant and equipment information, service records and manuals from within a model or virtual reality environment.  

BIM Survey
BIM Clash detection with 3D laser surveys

MEP digital modelling captured with a 3D laser survey and converted into AutoCAD.

From plant rooms to boardrooms across the country 3D BIM surveys establish benefits to increase efficiency and reduce time and cost.

PointSCAN 3D laser surveys provide accurate BIM data

Digital MEP Services

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