Digital transformation

3D Visualisation

Digital transformation of laser scan data allows you to view your 3D information in multiple formats from simple augmented designs to fully immersive virtual reality.


Explore sites and structures in 3D on a pre-set route allowing virtual access and creating greater visibility. 

augmented reality

Create interest in designs by projecting a 3D image and view from multiple angles using a phone or tablet as the viewer 

Fully Interactive

Immerse yourself in visual reality. Using headsets or projected “caves” project designs can be realised in full scale 

“With advancements in technology if you can think of a way of visualising your 3D data its probably already available.”

Point Cloud Fly-through

The quickest and most cost effective way of visualising a site in a 3D format.  Taken directly from the registered point cloud data sites can be explored on a monitor or immersive 3D without additional modelling.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality projections of point cloud and 3D modelling allow buildings and objects to be viewed from multiple angles


Present photo realistic virtual reality with fully interactive capabilities.   Experience hololens technology and view virtual reality, even when on site. Utilise operator enhanced features such as inter-changable surfaces and lighting controls captured from 3D laser surveys

PointSCAN 3D laser surveys provide accurate BIM data
Water and wastewater engineering and fabrication drawings completed bt PointSCAN 3D laser scanning
Fast safe and accurate 3D measurement data with PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
measurement data for BIM surveys