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How long does a scan take ?

3D laser scanning can reduce on site survey times by up to 80% when compared to traditional techniques. Most scanning applications take between 1.5 – 8 mins per scan dependant upon the level of detail, location and distances scanned. Site may require a few to several hundred scans.

How much does it cost?

When compared to traditional survey techniques 3D laser surveys offer excellent efficiency.  As well as reducing survey times, the improved data can be interpreted resulting in a faster more comprehensive design.  The long term benefits from acquiring 3D laser surveys can be recognised throughout the project with savings still being made long after project handover.

What can I do with the point cloud?

Point clouds offer a visual representation taken directly from the raw scan data. Made from millions of individual points they are not photo quality  but can be applied to CAD designs and presentations to provide a cost effective 3D modelling solution.

Can you scan through objects?

Sadly no. 3D laser scans provide surface measurement data only.  However, the general rule of thumb is “if you can see it we can scan it”.

Due to refraction, laser scanners are not able to scan through water and may be affected by inclement weather.

Is 3D laser scanning safe?

PointSCAN operates laser scanners which use class 1 laser products.  These can be safely operated without the need for eye protection.
The scan is no more intrusive than taking a photograph and there is no requirement to touch any plant, machinery etc. whilst undergoing a survey.

Can i use point clouds in my CAD software ?

3D laser scans and point clouds can be easily exported into multiple file formats which are compatible with most of the major CAD software suppliers.

You may need to test different formats as some file formats create large file sizes which may slow down some applications

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