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Capturing on-site measurement data for the Marine Industry

3D Laser Scanning services for the Marine Industry. Providing high-quality seamless surveys, capturing all aspects of a site, ship or structure to ensure there are no hidden features which could result in damage.

Acquiring Measurement Data

The marine industry is undergoing a revolution in digital technology, and 3D laser scanning is leading the way with its wide range of capabilities for surveying, inspection and verification of vessels.

3D laser scanning surveys are a vital resource to many industries, including the marine industry. Through the use of 3D scanners and high-definition photography, PointSCAN can provide high-quality 3D models, elevations, and panoramic images that can be used in many ways.

With 3D laser scanning, our clients in the marine industry are able to collect accurate surveys of their assets. These surveys provide accurate measurements and create a digital model via photogrammetry or laser scanning. In-depth analysis can be conducted in order to identify damage or abnormalities before any physical repair work is done.

PointSCAN 3D laser survey autoCAD applications
2D CAD Draughting services created from point cloud data.

3D laser scanning is the most accurate way to capture detailed information about marine structures and seafloor bathymetry. The 3D point cloud file, or digital scan, consists of millions of individual points that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Pump and pipework design with pointcloud created by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
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Fast, Accurate & Safe

3D laser surveys for the marine industry can prove to be a valuable tool for various marine applications. 3D laser scanning technology provides accurate data with no contact and minimal surface preparation, regardless of the shape or size of components. We have extensive capabilities in assisting you with your 3D laser scanning requirements for offshore oil and gas platforms, marine renewable energy projects and other types of marine vessels such as ships, submarines etc.

Nationwide coverage

From our head office in Bedfordshire, we serve clients spanning a diverse and exciting array of business sectors at locations throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Our experienced survey teams are available to attend your site at a time and date suitable to meet your business needs. 3D laser scanning can be completed with minimal disruption and are completely safe to undertake whilst you continue to carry out your normal day-to-day business activities. 

PointSCAN 3D laser surveys provide accurate panoramic imagery with measurement data

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