PointSCAN 3D laser surveys offer a fast and effective way of recording large amounts of on-site measurement data for fabrication, mechanical and structural engineering applications.  Working with project managers and design teams to present easy to visualise data as a 3D point cloud.  Thereby promoting early stage design innovations in addition to increasing clash identification.  Minimise unforeseen future costs by incorporating 3D technology into engineering and construction projects.

Three key area where 3D laser scanning creates project benefits are SAFETY, QUALITY and EFFICIENCY. All of which can contribute to significant cost savings.  Improving upon any one of the above categories would be a good enough reason to adopt 3D technology, but incorporate all three and make cost savings and the question becomes “Why wouldn’t you?”  


Our 3D laser scanning services benefit many different industry sectors and our commitment to site safety ensures our survey teams have the training necessary to attend your or your clients sites.

Recording engineering measurement data from up to 330 metres the need for temporary access and working at heights is significantly reduced along with the associated risk.

Access into confined spaces and potentially hazardous areas can also be mitigated by remote operation of the laser scanner from a controlled area. Allowing all members your team virtual access to otherwise restricted areas.

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Quality on-site measurement

A single scan can capture 360 degrees of it’s environment with an accuracy of +-2mm. So once acquired you can always refer back to the scan data instead of incurring additional costs returning to site.

3D laser scanners do not require measurements to be taken from a fixed position as the name suggests a measurement can be applied from any point in 3D space making it especially useful where line of sight is obscured or for taking measurements from a curved surface.

Lighting levels do not affect the ability to acquire scan data so the measurements can be taken in voids, chambers and unlit areas.

Engineering Benefits

  • Reduce on-site survey time by up to 80%
  • Accurate to +-2mm
  • Minimal disruption to normal site activities.
  • Acquires measurement data for 360 degrees (even the areas you do not need yet!)
  • Minimise temporary access and working at heights by completing the survey from ground level.
  • Reduce access to hazardous area and confined spaces 
  • Remote operation of scanner
  • View a 3D point cloud without any additional modelling
  • Fabricate directly from measurement data without the need to pre-fit.
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