Registered Point Cloud

Registering on-site measurement data

A registered point cloud is processed directly from the raw laser scan data.  Identical points from adjoining scans are collated and precisely aligned.  This process is continued until every scan has been interconnected with another. Once completed the point cloud is referred to as registered. 

Available in grey scale or in full-colour, point clouds offer a quick assessment of the registered data which can be easily viewed and incorporated into designs and presentations in both 2D & 3D formats.

Point Clouds for reference

Full colour point cloud by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys

Detailed representations in point cloud format can identify colours and textures not available in a CAD model.

Unlike a photograph, entire sites can be viewed from any angle or position.

Point Cloud fly-through

Registered Point Clouds provide an exact representation of the environment captured in the 3D laser survey.  As a result, a site can be revisited safely and cost-effectively as many times as you wish.  Measurement data can be taken directly from the point cloud.  Save time and money by reducing the need to revisit the site.  

Point Cloud Overlays

Incorporating your design directly onto the topographic required no further CAD modelling and reduces additional time and costs.  Overlay simulations offer an excellent opportunity to review the completed project.  Furthermore, immersive virtual reality gives you the ability to stand within your model and review your design.  

Registered Point Cloud