Accurate 3D laser scanning helps Guinness World Record

In the summer of 2017 PointSCAN were approached by our client to complete a laser scan. Nothing unusual in that other than the fact that this was to verify the construction of a ramp to be used in an upcoming vehicle launch for the new Jaguar E Pace.

Jaguar being renowned for their impressive and spectacular presentations wanted to repeat the iconic car jump from James Bond file “The Man with the Golden Gun” in a 4 wheel drive.

Few attempts have been made to recreate this iconic stunt so the team utilised the knowledge of the original stunt designers based in the USA. Upon completing the ramp the US team wanted to verify the construction of the ramp, and what better way than to provide them with a 3D laser scan.

This defines the as-built model, it was’t just some recording of data, this was critical and someone’s life was reliant upon the the construction being 100% accurate to the computer model.

The design was not a straight forward as you would expect, special sprung loaded pivots were required to release once the front wheels had passed so that the back of the vehicle did not follow the same route, which prevented the vehicle spinning upon the wrong axis.

Once verified the team was able to proceed with testing with stunt driver Terry Grant finally recording a new Guinness World Record for the longest ever barrel roll in a production vehicle in a spectacular event at the Excel Arena.

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