Continuing to Deliver Digital Innovation throughout AMP7

Effective Project Delivery

Serving the UK water and wastewater industry, with over 20 years experience our team provides professional 3D laser surveys with the knowledge,  expertise and understanding to support your project.  By integrating accurate measurement data and visual imagery our surveys provide designers, engineers and project managers with the information they need to deliver efficiencies throughout their projects delivery

Accurate measurement data for pumping station design in UK
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On-Site Surveys

Accurate site surveys are continuing  delivered to deliver benefits into the AMP7 delivery cycle, but specifically influencing three key areas.


Our professional site survey teams are fully qualified and experienced  with water and wastewater treatment sites.  Surveys are typically non-intrusive and can be completed quickly and effectively with minimum disruption to day to day operational activities. 

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment sites
  • Pipework
  • Pumping Stations
  • Factories & Production Facilities
  • Culverts & Inlets
  • Gantries, Platforms, Steelwork

Creating Digital Twins

A 3D laser surveys will capture an exact representation of it’s environment. Point cloud data can be used to partially or fully create accurate 3D models duplicating your water or wastewater facility in a digital format. 

Optimising the use of this data site allows all those involved within a project to visualise the deliverable’s.  Interrogate and interact with immersive VR and Hololens technology to improve project design and deliver efficiencies.  

On site measurement data captured with a 3D lasre survey
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Cost Effective

Capturing more survey data in a shorter period of time, a single 3D laser survey can be completed up to 80% faster than a traditional on-site surveys creating cost savings from start.

Improved data collection benefits project design and reduces return visits.  Visual imagery can significantly improve the delivery process by preventing costly changes. 

A Single Survey Solution

Multiple deliverables can be achieved from a single 3D laser survey.

Ensuring that you capture the information you need first time.

3D laser scanning throughout the UK
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3d laser scan in confined space
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Risk Management

Key to successful project delivery is the management of risk especially within hazardous areas such as water treatment facilities.  A single 3D laser surveys can minimise entry into areas such as CONFINED SPACES and allow even untrained staff to virtually explore the area.

Similarly working at height and temporary access requirements are minimised by acquiring the required data from a safe location up to 300m away.

3D Topographic Survey

A topographic survey or land survey records points of elevation for natural and man-made features along with terrain and boundary information of a particular area or site.  These points are then translated into a drawing or plan your site.  

A 3D laser scanner acquires these points in such a way that the point density can be a little as 1mm apart.  In addition the survey data is arranged in such a way that when registered it forms a visible point cloud which results in the data to be instantly recognisable.

Point cloud and autoCAd documentation by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
3D laser scanning for water and wastewater engineering projects.

Getting your POINT across.

Visual presentations reduce misinterpretation of project specifications and lead to a positive decision making strategy.   Improving design whilst reducing programmes.

Completed designs including CAD models and standard products can be easily imported onto a geo-referenced point cloud and viewed on screen or explored in virtual reality.  Enhancing digital information across your project team without the additional cost and time of modelling the entire site.

Additional services

PointSCAN provide a comprehensive range of additional services that compliment our 3D laser scanning capabilities.  These include:

  • Setting Out
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Utility Surveys
  • UAV Drone Surveys
  • Confined Space Surveys
  • Large Scale 3D Printing
PointSCAN combine GPR with 3D topographic surveys

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