Topographical (topo) surveys or land surveys capture accurate site elevations and measurement data from natural and artificial features along with specified boundary information.  These form an essential part of any project planning when looking to make changes to a sites existing use. 

Utilising 3D laser technology we can acquires this point data provides the additional benefits by creating visual representations of the site in the form of high definition panoramic imagery and 3D point clouds.  PointSCAN provide surveys throughout the UK and unlike traditional survey techniques where measurement data is taken from spot height a 3D topographical surveys record points as detailed as 1mm apart.  

Furthermore, by combining high resolution imagery a topographical survey can be viewed, interrogated and shared quickly and easily. Therefore enabling project teams, contractors and supply chains the access to the same high quality information.   Utilis

Topographic point cloud
Scottish Water Lerwick WWTW
Topographical Survey
Topographical 3D measurement data by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
Immersive virtual reality

Topographic Point Clouds

Created directly from 3D laser scan data, a topographic point cloud provides a quick and accurate representation of a sites environment  without the need for additional CAD modelling.    With location data available from every point overlay simulations, as shown, offer an excellent opportunity to visually analyse how a completed project will look.  Furthermore, immersive virtual reality gives you the ability to stand within your model and review your design.  

Point cloud and autoCAd documentation by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
Volumetric measurements captured by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
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How to create a Digital Twin

As the name would suggest a ‘Digital Twin‘ provides an exact representation of the environment captured in the 3D laser survey.  As a result a site can be revisited safely and cost effectively as many times as you wish .  

Accessing your digital data couldn’t be easier with 3D modelling and 2D plans available in multi format outputs such as .DWG, DXF.  Hard copies also present sitemaps at 1:50. 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:1250 scale.factors.

Topographic Land Survey

Land Survey could be anywhere in the UK.

Land surveys can be completed safely and quickly by our experienced surveyors, obtaining accurate site data with little or no disruption to existing site activities. 

GNSS / GPS navigation systems provide precise location positioning anywhere in the UK.  As a result registered clouds can be geo-referenced against local or national O.S. co-ordinate systems.

3D topographical Surveying of golf courses across the UK.
"Create savings you didn't know you were going to spend."

Making our surveys work for you.

3D topographical surveys acquire significantly more data than a traditional land survey and can save up to 80% of time spent on site.  Therefore offering a cost effective solution for your on-site measurement needs especially when factoring in the added benefits and savings against cost and time .

Even the simplest errors in design can prove costly. Minimising these and save unplanned costs using accurate, easily recognisable site information data and  reduce delays, avoid second, third and even forth visits to site to sort out changes in design by using a single survey to provide verified measurement data for all your different trades to work from.

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Benefit from a 3D laser survey.

  • Scan an entire site in single survey.
  • Minimal disruption to site.
  • Safe and fast acquisition
  • Intergrate into AutoCAD / Revit / Solidworks 
  • 3D Point Cloud as standard
  • Fully geo-referenced
  • Surveyors throughout the UK.

Combining Resources

We offer a range of additional services to compliment our site surveys that can be applied during or separately to our topographic surveys.

  • Confined Space Specialists
  • Underground Utility Mapping (GRP)
  • Arboriculture Surveys
  • Chambers, Tunnels & Tanks
PointSCAN combine GPR with 3D topographic surveys

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys completed alongside 3D topographic data collection provides the location of underground structures and existing services. 

Inverted laser scanning allows for accurate measurement data to be collected safely from tanks, chambers and confined spaces. 

3D laser scanning for confined spaces

Other Surveys Available


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