3D Arboricultural Surveys

3D tree survey

3D laser surveys acquire digital tree data for design and planning consultancies.

With no tree being alike it seems obscure that a typical Arboricultural Surveys for planning application or architectural design uses generic tree symbols. With 3D laser technology the ability to capture reality and provide the viewer with an exact representation of a tree and its environment creates a clear and easy to communicate design.

PointSCAN are working with planners and arboricultural consultancies to provide 3D digital arboricultural surveys. Capturing on-site measurement data and visual imagery to assist in planning and development projects at sites throughout the UK.

On-site data acquisition is safe, fast and unobtrusive and can be completed with little or no impact to the survey site. They provide an exact representation of the trees and surroundings in a single survey. Once processed the digital images and measurement data can be imported into software applications and presentations replacing those traditional CAD symbols.

Multiple targets can be scanned at the same time reducing survey times, capturing large area in detail up to +/- 2mm.

Cost Effective 3D Reality Capture

PointSCAN utilise 3D point clouds that are generated directly from laser scan data. This ensures that no other processing or modelling time and costs are required once the survey data has been registered making it a cost effective solution to traditional survey techniques.

Measurements can be taken directly off of the scan data, accurate trunk diameters can be quickly and easily obtained by creating virtual cross sections which can be applied to management projects.

High quality imagery allow for trees identification and specific focus can be directed to accurately record damage or disease. At the same time the main structure as well as the canopy can be captured allowing for decisions to be made away from the work site..

Digital data make simple to share information in multiple formats. 3D technology allows you to view the trees in virtual reality away from the survey site, and even in different locations giving simultaneous access to multiple stakeholders .

Another feature of our digital arboricultural surveys is the ability to ‘virtually prune’ or remove them completely to assess light restrictions, visual impact or to allow for other developments.

Import individual trees or woodlands directly into you planning applications with each tree geo-referenced to align with standard topographical surveying specifications.

New planting can also be incorporated into planning documents and again with 3D technology we can allow for trees to grow over a time period so that the future structure and canopy may be observed.

Our 3D laser scanning services are design to save time and money and improve on site safety. Returning to site to gather additional information may be inconvenient time consuming and adds additional costs to your projects. A 3D laser survey brings your site back tto the office with you and can be referenced at any time by who ever you need to see it.

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