Arboricultural Surveys

PointSCAN work with local authorities, planners, architects and consultants across the UK. We provide fast and accurate digital arboricultural surveys.

Our surveys are completed safely and with minimal disruption.  As a result a single tree or an entire woodland can be surveyed in a single visit.  A PointSCAN 3D laser surveys produce an exact representation of on-site data.  In addition to high definition images.  Our tree surveys allow for species identification, damage and disease assessments. Accurate measurement data  can be viewed and interrogated across multiple formats.  Therefore  providing valuable information required to meet BS5837:2012 specifications.

Generic symbols for plans, models and presentations are replaced with a true to life replica.  Geo-referenced to GPS co-ordinates raw scans can be directly applied into 2D  documents or processed into photo realistic virtual reality.

PointSCAN‘s fully interactive digital arboricultural surveys can be use to virtually prune or fell trees. Allowing for planning and development projects to be viewed before completing the actual works on site.