Sparking and interest in 3D technology

Sparking and interest in 3D technology: 3D technology available to school project

Sparking and interest in 3D technology

Looking back, many years ago, to when I was at school, you were lucky to get a go on the schools only computer. Back in those days it took an eternity to make a stick man walk across the screen.

How things have changed, with technology moving at an extortionate rate todays pupils are taking it all in there stride. I have recently been viewing new schools for my daughter and have been very impressed in the level of technology which the pupils have access to. 

No more so than one school which had a 3D scanner and printer on show.

But whilst there is and will always be a big step between education and the practicalities of employment i wanted to do our bit to provide a way of bridging that gap.

PointSCAN Limited have recently collaborated with Bedford Girls School to offer both our time and equipment so that the pupils can see for themselves how the use of 3D laser technology is being used in industry. 

A group of girls of various ages from across the school who are involved in a design and technology club have been using our Faro Focus X330 to assist them in the design of an outdoor activity area.

After a brief presentation, along with Q&A’s I was very encourage with the level of knowledge and enthusiasm demonstrated from the girls, and as we completed a series of scans they were soon became aware of thinking in 3 dimensions, where to place registration points and of course not standing in the way of the scanner.

The next stage will see the girls developing the scan data with the use of Faro Scene and Autodesk Recap before conversion into a 3D model.

This has been an excellent opportunity in allowing the pupils an insite into current construction and engineering techniques, but also giving them the freedom to expand what they have learnt in understanding the science and using 3D imagary in art and design.

I hope that this will be the first of many projects that we will be able to assist with and have a strong belief that supporting the commumity in which you work is an important part of any companies success.