3D laser scanning, the right fit for engineering solutions.

Pump and pipework design with pointcloud created by PointSCAN 3D laser surveys

3D laser scanning is not normally regarded as an emergency service. Although when our client contacted us late on a Thursday afternoon, with a problem on site, PointSCAN were able to mobilise a team to attend site the early the following morning.

Four storeys underground a team of installation engineers were replacing a large centrifugal pump. Manually manoeuvring an 8 tonne frame and volute casing with block and tackle isn’t easy, even in a workshop environment, let alone within the confines of a pumping station but all attempts to align the pump with the inlet and outlet valves had failed, and with our client’s labour cost rising and an asset out of action a solution needed to be found quickly.

Our scanning team, trained in confined space operations, completed an engineering survey to obtain 9 scans from the site, using a FARO X330 laser scanner and were back in our Bedford office and processing the data before the end of the day.

Even in the doom and gloom of this subterranean workplace we were able to achieve an accuracy of less than 2 mm. Processed point-cloud data was converted to an Autodesk Revit model and PointSense Plant accurately positioned the inlet and outlet flanges in 3D space.

Manufacturers pump data was imported into the model and the results confirmed a differential between the original imperial installation compared to a new metric pump-set causing the installation to clash with the existing pipework configuration. In addition it was also noted that the inlet and outlet flanges were not being offset by the assumed 90 degrees, for which previous surveys had failed to record the anomalies.

3D pipework design generated from point cloud data

PointSCAN’s 3D laser survey and modeling provided quality alignment data along with manufacturing drawings for bespoke pipework to be manufactured and provided a fast and accurate solution to an error free installation.

PointSCAN specialise in the acquisition of on-site measurement data. Providing cost effective solutions to design and project deliverables.

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